Zappi wanted to find a new and exciting way of thanking investors and customers for their continued support, so they reached out to collaborate on a new video.

We created a narrative around thanking “YOU”. This was directed at the key stakeholders for their continued support and contribution to Zappi’s growth and success. Zappi is the world’s leading customer insight platform that grows as its clients grow.

We explored our design approach and began by developing detailed style frames to share with the client. Through an iterative process we landed on a striking design for the video, rooted firmly in Zappi’s brand essence. We did a lot of experimentation and were able to bring a fresh take to the visuals. For example, taking inspiration from it being a huge GROUP effort, we executed ideas like this grid system. See more of our style frames below.

The result is a stylish and dynamic video which exceeded the expectations of the brief, leaving our clients at Zappi thrilled with the outcome.