Redington, a dynamic and innovative company in the financial sector, reached out with an exciting project brief – the development of a captivating animation series. With a shared passion for creativity, our partnership with Redington on this project proved to be a fantastic opportunity for us to shine.

Redington was embarking on a new marketing initiative called “Tiny Decision Hacks,” aimed at delivering practical and insightful tips to their customers. These tips would be shared through regular article mail-outs and they envisioned a series of engaging animation videos as teasers for each article. This is where our team stepped in, ready to turn their vision into captivating visuals.

Our first step was to craft a compelling concept that would effectively convey the essence of Tiny Decision Hacks. After thorough brainstorming sessions and collaborative discussions with Redington, we settled on cute and colourful inclusive shape characters. This choice perfectly encapsulated the accessibility, positivity, and practicality that Redington aimed to convey.

One of the key highlights of our collaboration with Redington was the trust they placed in us, allowing our team to fully immerse ourselves in the project.

With the concept and visual style in place, our talented team of animators went to work. They breathed life into the shape characters resulting in a series of captivating, fun, and engaging animation videos that perfectly encapsulated the spirit of Tiny Decision Hacks.

Redington were thrilled with the final animation videos. The videos aligned seamlessly with the Tiny Decision Hacks and even went on to form the basis of the project look and feel. We were really proud of the end result, knowing that our creative efforts had exceeded the client’s expectations.