At RBM, we thrive on creative partnerships, and our collaboration with Petr Aleksander and their label was a very rewarding project. Petr Aleksander is a distinguished UK-based band who produce mesmerising neo-classical music and it comprises of the very talented Tom Hobden and Eliot James.

What set this project apart was the amazing location where it was set; a disused WW2 aircraft hangar in Norfolk. This inspired the visual treatment of the videos and gave them a distinctive touch.

There were some challenges to navigate on our shoot day however. The location was historic and a little unconventional (ie. there weren’t many accessible power sources), we were working to a limited budget and only had a small and dedicated 3 person crew, and we had to capture four videos in a single day – including return travel time from London to Norfolk.

We produced four captivating videos that not only showcased the band’s extraordinary talent but also provided an intimate glimpse into the band’s live performances.

The videos were very well received and the whole project was a great example of team work. The artists were very involved with the production and set design. We all turned up to the location and worked out the best approach together!

There are some behind the scenes photos to check out below that showcase the production process. Collaborating with independent artists like Petr Aleksander is a source of pride for the RBM team and this project was a lot of fun!