We were approached by Nano to create a flagship brand video showcasing Nano being used in the real world. They wanted to demonstrate the three most common use cases for Nano; remittance, merchant and micro transactions.

Cryptocurrencies, merchant services and international payments can be slow and clunky. Sometimes payments don’t arrive for hours or even days. Fees are high and in some cases not workable for micro transactions eg. Ethereum fees, card carrier fees. Nano is a superior product for these purposes, that rectifies the common problems, but some people have a hard time understanding or imagining how it could be utilised in a real life scenario.

Nano is peer to peer, payments are instant and there are zero fees. We wanted to show how this could be easily applied to everyday scenarios and how Nano actually outperforms the traditional options. We also had to convey this message in under one minute and with minimal comms, so it would have maximum effect to a wide international audience.

The resulting video met all of the needs of the brief and visualised Nano in the real world, helping grow the community and implement its use into the future.

The video received rave feedback and reviews from the client and nano community. Thousands of views in the first few days. The client was thrilled and very proud of the outcome!