Australian pop icon Delta Goodrem’s team approached us to produce the music video for her upcoming single, “Back to Your Heart.”

Delta’s team had a unique concept in mind and needed help bringing their vision to life. The challenge involved orchestrating a live music video experience combined with cinematic elements and capturing the genuine reactions of 100 of Delta’s dedicated fans.

Our team collaborated closely with director Marla Altschuler, working together to refine and execute her vision. The concept involved inviting a small group of Delta’s fans to a central London location where they would experience her new single, “Back to Your Heart,” for the first time. The challenge was to seamlessly blend a live music video atmosphere with the cinematic quality expected from a traditional music video shoot. This required an experienced camera team, as we only had one chance to capture the fan’s genuine reactions.

We pulled together an expert crew to produce the video and manage the crowd, ensuring a smooth and organised experience for both the artist and the fans. The entire video was shot in a single afternoon, and was an example of our team’s ability to deliver high-quality results under pressure.