Award-winning accountancy and business advisory firm BDO approached us with a compelling vision to redefine stereotypes associated with their industry. They had developed a concept internally for a video campaign called ‘More Than,’ aimed to dispel the myths and perceptions attached to roles in their industry. BDO envisioned showcasing the human side of their team members, providing a glimpse into their personalities, interests, and lives beyond the financial realm.

BDO had already laid the groundwork with the ‘More Than’ concept and turned to us for the execution of producing the video series for their employer branding campaign.

Over three days in London, Liverpool and Manchester, our crew of three— camera operator, producer/director and camera assistant—captured the essence of BDO’s vision, with the support of the client who also got involved in the shooting days.

To ensure the videos reflected the authenticity of the presenters, a key goal was to let their personalities shine through. Our team captured engaging B-roll footage to illustrate the fun and real moments that highlighted the uniqueness of each team member.

The videos took centre stage on social media platforms and served as the backbone of BDO’s digital advertising campaigns.

The ‘More Than’ campaign not only accomplished its goal of breaking free from stereotypes but also succeeded in reinforcing the message that BDO is indeed ‘More Than’ just a financial services provider—it’s a community of vibrant individuals challenging norms and redefining expectations.