“I Take Photos” is an award-winning short documentary film produced by RBM and directed by Oliver Lister. The film follows the story of Ron Timehin and Tobi Shinobi, two amateur photographers who became successful professional Instagram influencers, at the beginning of the platform’s popularity.

Tobi Shinobi, previously a lawyer, left his career to pursue his passion for photography full-time. “I Take Photos” showcases the stunning works of Ron and Tobi, and uses beautiful cinematography to tell their story.

The film has been widely praised for its ability to capture the essence of what it means to be a photographer in the digital age. It highlights the dedication and hard work that goes into creating beautiful imagery, as well as the personal fulfilment that comes with pursuing one’s passions.

It has won accolades at film festivals around the world including winning ‘Audience Choice’ at Atlanta Docufest and ‘Best Short Documentary’ at Hollywood Boulevard International Film Festival among many others.

Overall, “I Take Photos” is a heartwarming and inspiring story that celebrates the art of photography and the power of social media to connect and inspire people around the world.