We worked in collaboration with our good friends Geowulf and their label 37 Adventures to produce a music video for their single ‘Sunday’.

The concept was devised together with Geowulf, and follows the band as they arrive at a mysterious hotel to perform at a party. In the story, singer Star Kendrick is caught up in the breakdown of a relationship, and can’t enjoy the party.

She wanders from room to room uncomfortably before locking herself in the bathroom, where she is forced to face her reality in a wall of infinite mirrors. But before long, the party begins to spill into the bathroom too.

She walks outside and begins a transformation. After performing to the party, she leaves alone, ready to face her ‘Monday’ and start again.

Shot in Central London and Hertfordshire over two days, we achieved this production thanks to a fantastic and talented core crew. We had the added challenge of capturing driving sequences, which were shot by a camera mounted on a gimbal that was controlled remotely. A technique that we implemented for the first time on this production.

The resulting music video evokes a strong feeling and captures the mood of this beautiful song. It was an enjoyable production and always a pleasure collaborating with great artists.