Our friends at Pony Recordings commissioned us to produce a music video for Tempesst’s single ‘Rags of Love’ taken from their second album Prisoner of Desire.

The song is equal parts heartbreaking and beautiful, chronicling the near demise and ultimate resurrection of a relationship. The writer poetically defines the universal struggle between freedom and loyalty, and this formed the basis of our visual treatment.

The music video is set in a decrepit church, representative of the relationship described in the song. Although it is still standing, it is void of all the ornate beauty it once held as it continues to deteriorate.

We dressed three scenes for the band to perform in throughout the video with the penultimate scene set at the altar. The protagonist ends the video with an offering of himself, in exchange for one last chance at redemption.

Flowers were another key device that we employed in the concept. Delicate, beautiful, and if neglected, perish easily. They were used in the production design and in dramatic time-lapses sequences. These close up sequences of exotic flowers decaying seemed to be the perfect visual accompaniment for this song.

The flower time-lapses were captured over ten days with photographs being taken every two minutes. It was a labour of love for our team who tended to the long running shoots at all hours to ensure everything was going to plan.

We were so glad to produce compelling visuals that we feel do this painfully beautiful song justice!