King’s College London embarked on its inaugural Brand Awareness Campaign with a distinctive goal – to surpass the typical narratives of rankings, locality, and courses. They reached out to us with a strong brief and a diverse mix of content that had already been produced, and we got to work devising a Hero video that would fit into the campaign elegantly.

King’s recognised the need for a centrepiece – a “Hero” video establishing their brand proposition. The challenge? Condensing the essence of King’s – who they are, what sets them apart, and their commitment to fostering a questioning mindset – into a video lasting less than one minute.

Collaborating closely with the King’s branding team, we jumped into the details of their unique brand proposition. Our mission was to translate their distinctive identity into a visually compelling narrative. The emphasis was on showcasing the students and King’s campus – a place of curiosity, diversity and academic excellence.

The resulting video became the flagship of the King’s Brand Awareness Campaign and it was utilised across their website, events and digital marketing. We were able to encapsulate the character of King’s, it’s ethos and commitment to nurturing inquisitive minds.

We were extremely proud of the result and the Hero video exceeded expectations. In less than a minute, it conveys the depth and uniqueness of King’s College London. Our collaboration with King’s extends beyond individual projects. We value the ongoing relationship, and this is something we aim to establish with all of our clients through dedicated customer service.

The Hero video was another success in our collaborative efforts with King’s College London, delivering a powerful and concise representation of their brand identity.

See some BTS and storyboard images taken from this project to give some insight into the creative and production process.