In collaboration with Pony Recordings, we were entrusted with the task of producing a mesmerising music video for their talented artist, Caleb Kunle. The video’s creative direction was envisioned by director Sylvia Suli and our challenge was to bring her concept to life.

‘Could Be Good’ centres around the theme of overcoming one’s own presumption, allowing and trusting the process that things will ultimately work out.

The video presents the internal struggle within Caleb himself. He is constantly faced with his own reflection and chasing shadows only to understand that in order to find peace, he will need to reconnect with the self in order to see clearly. He oscillates between his own reality and a dreamlike world, travelling through different rooms which represent each compartment of his conscious/mind.

We set to work sourcing a location as this was to be the foundation of the production and visual style. We sourced an amazing period property in Surrey which perfectly met the needs of Sylvia’s concept. We also enlisted an expert crew, ensuring each element of the project was carefully executed.

Thanks to our coordination and dedicated teamwork, the shoot day flowed smoothly, making it an enjoyable and productive experience for all involved.

Following the shoot, our proficient in-house team took the reins transitioning from production to post-production. They meticulously edited, graded, and completed the VFX in collaboration with the director and artist.

We channeled our expertise to craft a music video that conveyed high-quality aesthetics and delivered on the directorial vision.