We were honoured to be asked by our client partner, BDO Global to create a captivating opening title sequence for their Global Tax Conference in Atlanta!

We jumped at the chance to create something mythical and unique after our initial briefing call had words like Transformation, Evolution, Change and Weathered being thrown around. We developed a couple of creative routes that embodied these words, and this execution was the winning idea!

An organic sand dune where from the darkness, a vivid BDO red sand emerges from the depths.

Transforming the environment around it into a serene and luscious red space.

We also looked at the full motion branding and on screen graphics for the event. Where we took elements of the GTC chevron identifier, and embodied it with a ‘moving forward’ mindset that helped it dynamically weave together interview footage, facts and stats.

You can also watch our mini-making of film, where you can see the breakdown from storyboard, to animatic, to grey renders, to particle simulations and into the final renders.

A hugely complex process, turned around in record time. We’re extremely proud of the final product.