Pony Recordings contacted us with the creative task of directing and producing a captivating music video for the talented folk singer Avice Caro. RBM Film Director Chelsea Jackson collaborated closely with Avice Caro to cultivate the initial concept. Drawing inspiration from the shooting location, Chelsea meticulously expanded the vision, creating a storyboard and mood board to guide the production.

The Angel music video was shot on a frosty winter’s day with a compact team of five – producer, director, camera operator, 1st AC, and production assistant. There was much to capture but as we were restricted to mostly shooting with available light, we shot the outdoor scenes very efficiently and got everything we needed to wrap early!

Avice Caro dressed in a period dress and our team designed the angel costume, both of which were not nearly enough cover for a cold winter’s day. There were many large coats, blankets and hot water bottles to hand in-between takes.

Chelsea also led the post-production, seamlessly weaving the footage into a cohesive narrative. The RBM in-house team also handled colour grading, ensuring a consistent beautiful result.

The fruit of our collaboration is a moody music video that encapsulates the essence of Avice Caro’s dreamy song.