We work closely with our clients to develop original concepts, produce compelling films and distribute them effectively.

    We identify your desired outcomes and generate ideas, resulting in a treatment.


    Our team manages logistics and planning, including scripts, storyboards and design.


    We capture the action, such as interviews, events, b-roll, presentations and narratives.


    Post may include editing, animation, sound and music design, colour grading.


    We ensure your film content is positioned and promoted on the right channels


There are many different styles of film to choose from.
View these descriptions of styles of films to help you select the most effective format for your project.


Promotional films are one of the most popular styles of film consumed online today. They are an essential asset for every modern business and are a powerful way to introduce your brand to new customers, or to market a product or service. Our promotional films are dynamic and effective.


Animations allow you to communicate information in a fun and engaging way. They are useful in explaining complex ideas so you can be sure that your viewer understands your message. All our design and animations are completed in-house with our team of expert animators.

Interviews & Testimonials

Interviews are a key aspect of many films, like documentaries, case studies and research pieces. Testimonials offer trusted peer recommendations to your market. The RBM team ensures interviewees feel prepared and comfortable when being filmed and that the best information is captured.


The Internet has revolutionised the way we engage with advertising. The opportunity to promote content on YouTube and other online platforms has empowered businesses of all sizes to access their market in a direct and cost-effective way. We create commercials from concept to campaign.


It takes a huge amount of planning, effort and expense to host an event. By filming your event you can leverage all of that hard work and maximise the reach and exposure of your special function. RBM has extensive experience in capturing events and showcasing them through film.


A well-made documentary draws in the viewer and leaves them with new ideas and insights. We enjoy producing documentaries that encompass a mix of enriching information and striking visuals. The RBM team ensures the process of planning and execution is carefully managed for best results.

Music Videos

We enjoy working with solo artists, bands and record labels to produce unique and outstanding music videos. Across an array of genres and within different budgets, we work with our clients to bring a song to life through film. We are known for our original concepts and high quality productions.

Web Series

Web series' are a great format to build a loyal and robust fan base online. Whether it's a cooking show, financial update, news broadcast or vlog, you can build your profile through producing a high quality series. Shows can be produced on location or in our studio in East London.

Short Films

We're passionate about short film and enjoy working on productions with crews large and small. We produce our own independent films in-house as well as contributing our skills to co-productions. Some of our films have won awards! Short film can also be a popular communication tool for brands.


Our dedicated team is made up of talented and enthusastic filmmakers who specialise in different areas. This means we can be flexible and adaptable and assemble the right people to handle projects of any scale. Blending creativity and technical skills, we share a love of bringing ideas to life through film.

Our team’s skills include: producing, writing, directing, cinematography, sound recording and mixing, music composition, colour grading, animation, graphic design.